Our Youth Programs

Our Youth Events can be found here: Youth Events

Sharing our passion for the outdoors and shooting sports with the next generation is an American tradition we fully embrace at Lebanon Valley Sportsmen Association.

Safety is our primary focus when working with any of the youth visiting our grounds.

Lebanon Valley holds 2 Pennsylvania Hunter Trapper Education classes each year. We have several hunter ed instructors that share their time and expertise with our future Pennsylvania Hunters. Several of our instructors have over 30 years of experience! Please view the Youth Events section of our web site for details on times, dates, and registration.

Our Youth Sportsmen Program is one of our most popular summer activities

We provide a safe and fun environment for local youth to interact with their peers and our adult mentors in activities they may not have the resources, experience, or place to engage in on their own. Our mentors cater to each individual shooters’ needs. Whether they are new to the sport or have significant experience, we are there to share our knowledge and passion with them.

We teach participants the rules of firearms safety and range etiquette. We introduce them to trap shooting, .22 rifle shooting, traditional archery, and modern compound bow shooting.

The rifle range is set up each week with a variety of interactive targets such as steel plates, spinners, spring back targets, balloons, and paper targets for the kids to shoot with our .22 rifles. Participants can shoot from the bench or standing position.

Our archery range is set up with 3D animal targets, bag targets, interactive novelty targets, and other creative experiences like shooting from a sitting position or from inside a blind. Archers can select a compound or traditional bow best suited to their size and strength.

Our trap range is set up for both stationary and moving targets. We have shotguns in .410, 20Gage, and 12 gage at each station to suit the participant’s needs.

We also have special events like introductions to fly fishing with Trout Unlimited and the Berks Fly tyers – we have even been invited to visit Pheasant Valley farms to fish in their pond followed up by demonstrations of upland hunting dogs and water retrieval dogs.

We have had demonstrations of trapping by the PA Trappers Association and demonstrations of search and rescue animals by Middlecreek Search and Rescue team. We try to partner each year with other volunteer organizations to provide unique experiences to our participants.

Lebanon Valley Sportsmen supplies the equipment for our Youth program. We are helped through generous donations by local businesses, through grants from the NRA Foundation, and the commitment of our members to share our passion for the outdoors with the next generation.

We hope you will join us on the grounds for any of our youth events. Whether it is Hunter Education, the Youth Sportsmen, stocking our trout into local streams in May, or even learning to shoot trap on a Friday night trap practice, interested youth are always welcome at Lebanon Valley Sportsmen.

See you on the grounds.