• Is Lebanon Valley Sportsmen Association open to the public?

    LVSA is open to the public when we hold special events such as hunter education, youth sportsmen events, trap practice, trap shoots, pistol shoots, rifle shoots, archery shoots, and other special events listed on our events calendars.  All other times the grounds are reserved for LVSA members.


  • Is membership open and how do I apply? 

    Please see our membership page for details on the application process.  Applicants must fill out applications in person.


  • How long is my membership good for? 

    Membership runs on the calendar year.  You must renew your membership before the April membership meeting.  Your card will have the expiration date listed on it.


  • Must I have my membership card while on the grounds? 

    Yes.  You must display your membership card when using the ranges.  Any member may ask you to produce your membership card.


  • When is the clubhouse open? 

    We are an all-volunteer organization, so we don't have "regular" hours.  The events calendar will list when the grounds are open.  You may wish to call ahead to see if anyone is available. 610-693-6490


  • When are the ranges open to members?

    The ranges are open from 8:00AM to Dusk.  Please check the events pages for each range for notification of range closings.  All ranges are closed on the first day of deer season.


  • Where can I find the range rules?

    Each range has its own set of rules.  It is your responsibility to review the rules every time you visit the ranges.  The range rules can also be found on this web site on the "About" page.  There are further instructions on each range's web page including videos.


  • Are there any firearms restrictions?

    Yes.  NO FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS ARE PERMITTED ON ANY RANGE. No handguns exceeding .45 Caliber Magnum or chambered with rifle calibers are permitted on our pistol range.


  • When are the trap houses open for use?

    Our trap houses are open to the public every Friday and during our Lewis Class Trap shoots on the 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month.  Please see our trap events page for details.


  • May I bring my own thrower to the trap range? 

    Yes.  Please check the trap events page for range closing.


  • When does the combination lock on the gate change? 

    The combination lock changes after the April membership meeting.  Your membership card lists the lock combinations.

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