Our Fish Nursery

Our Fish Nursery events can be found here: Fish Nursery Events

Our first “fish pond” was started during the summer of 1949 so we could purchase and introduce adult trout into local streams.

In 1951 the first delivery of 2,850 trout fingerlings were delivered to LVSA for our members to raise and then release into the local streams.

In 1969 the railroad tie raceway was replaced with a concrete raceway and in recent years we built the enclosure that now protects the fish from most predators.

LVSA has been a co-operative fish nursery for the PA fish commission for over 30 years.

Each June the fish commission delivers around 3000 trout to LVSA. When they arrive they are between 4” and 6” in length.

Our members feed the fish twice per day, monitor the water flow, record the air and water temperature, and monitor the fish for any signs of disease or distress.

We work closely with the fish commission until the fish are ready to be released into the local waterways.

By the time we are ready to release the trout into the streams they are 16” and larger.

The public is welcome to help us release the trout into the local waterways. We really enjoy having the local kids join us as we carry buckets full of fish from our portable water tank to the stream.

Please see the calendar of events for when we release the fish each May.

Hope to see you on the grounds and along the stream!